Sunday, October 3, 2010

Obscurely Regular Day

Finally, a dream worth writing about!
This dream started out in a class, with me sitting with a couple of friends. The class seemed to go from beginning to end, though nothing was taught, at all. Then I went to the subway station with the same two friends. We were all waiting for a D train, but instead a B and a 1 train came, which didn't make any sense. Eventually a D came.
When I got on, the people changed. I was now hanging out with my sister and some other girl. The train was set up where on the left there was a row of 2 people benches, and on the right a row of 1 person seats. All seats were taken except two, which were the outer seats of two benches next to each other. My sister and the other girl sat there. Then a particularly large girl that I know came in the train. She decided to sit next to my sister. So that's three people on a 2 person bench, and one of them is quite big. Pretty uncomfortable. To make matters worse she didn't even say hi or participate in the conversation at all. She just sat down and stared in front of her. Then two girls that looked exactly like her boarded the train and sat near the back of the car. They kept looking over at me.
I was falling asleep on the train. Yes, I was falling asleep in my dream. The two clones started murmuring about something and then one of them asked me "Why do you look so depressed?" What?
The train seemed to decide to stop working after a while. So me and my sister had to walk across a bridge. It was suddenly very snowy out. We decided that we just had to eat some of the snow on the side of the bridge. All the snow I got was filled with anti-freeze. So we decided we needed to get rid of this snow because it was clearly no good. The bridge became some sort of room with snow inside it, and we started brushing all the snow up against the cabinets. I don't even know.
So eventually I got to where I was seemingly trying to go this whole time. I was in a residential area with my girlfriend and some other girl (though not the same other girl as on the train). We were just chilling on the corner, not doing much. There were some little kids doing something across the street but I don't really know what. Suddenly my girlfriend asks "So, what are you gonna do after I die soon?"
I quickly respond "You're not going to die any time soon.."
"Yea, I am." She says.
It is eventually revealed though the chatter between her and the other girl that she in fact plans to fake her own death to get away from me. The other girl asks what she plans to do after she's free from me. She starts talking of horribly whorey things. This is making me quite uncomfortable, but since the dream is not lucid, I can't control anything. So I wind up just standing there silent doing nothing about this. Eventually we walk down the block. A very depressing song starts playing and I'm glad I can't remember it. We run into these two way-too-young-for-me-to-be-hanging-out-with kids. The rest of the dream seems to follow the format on a recent (October 1st) video on the blog Dilly's World, which I admit I watched soon before sleeping.