Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Gamebino

It's extraordinarily stormy. The dream started out with my girlfriend, though I can't remember any details from that half of the dream.
I end up walking with my sister. The wind is insane and we're staying as far away from trees as we can as they may fall on us. We get to an intersection with lots of trash cans. We're jumping on them and rolling them around, I don't really know why. Then we see a van coming in the distance. It's dark out so we see the headlights, at least. We do our best to flag it down but it drives right past. Another van appears directly behind it and stops. It's one of those old rapist-like vans. Gray and rusty. I look at the driver. The dream zooms in real close to the drivers face.
It is a girl, very reminiscent of the girls in The Ring and The Grudge. Her eyes are rolled back into her head. Within the time it is zooming in she is given the name "The Gamebino". Yes, GamEEbino. Possibly even Gamebiro.
I wake up with a jolt and look at the time. It's 5:00. My vision is incredibly distorted, as if I was just hypnotized. Everything seems to be moving. I try to blink it off, but the creepy image of the Gamebino is burned into the inside of eyelids. I'm also getting a couple of flashes pictures of a little girl. One standing by a tree, one in the drivers seat of a car. Maybe the Gamebino when she was younger? I have to check if I'm dreaming. All of this is way too strange and disturbing to be happening in real life. So I do some reality checks, but they all check out. I'm not dreaming.
It took a while to get back to sleep. Either I had to have my eyes open and have them bug out, or I had to see the image of the Gamebino. Agh.

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