Monday, September 27, 2010

The boat

I was on the biggest boat in the world. But it was more like a moving pier. Stores/houses in the middle and a boardwalk all around, but it moved like a boat. I think it was a luxury cruise, but we hadn't left the dock yet.
Suddenly the captain decided to turn the boat around. Bad idea, as it turned it crashed into all the boats around. I was sitting on the boardwalk with my sister watching the chaos.
Then I saw it. A hand, sticking out between the planks of wood. Someone was stuck underneath. I ran to help. I held him up above the water as screaming for someone to help. Nobody came. Then I dreambroke the boardwalk and went through it to swim with him out. I got him onto the boardwalk but he'd already passed out. I did CPR but he did not awaken.

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